About The Author

Ellie Tragakes

Ellie Tragakes has a BA from Columbia University, MSocSc from the University of Birmingham, and PhD from the University of Maryland. She has worked in several organizations such as the World Bank and the World Health Organization.

She has numerous professional publications, and is a highly experienced teacher, researcher, author and examiner. She served as Chief Examiner for IB Economics in 2007-2009 and is currently Senior IB Examiner. See examples of her publications here


In addition to writing a textbook for IB Economics, Ellie Tragakes has over forty professional publications, many of these in the area of health systems, health system financing and reforms. Examples of her publications include:

Economics for the IB Diploma, Cambridge University Press, 2011

Health Systems in Transition: Latvia (PDF)

Health Care Systems in Transition: Russian Federation"
(PDF in English)
(PDF in Russian)

Health Care Systems in Transition: Bulgaria (PDF)

"Health Care Systems in Transition: Albania" (editor)
(PDF in English)
(PDF in Russian)

Public-private financing in the Greek health care system: implications for equity

The evolution of health care reforms in Greece: charting a course of change

Development of patients' rights legislation

Key issues in rationing and priority setting for health care services (PDF)

Chapter in "Critical challenges in health care reform in Europe"