What you will find in this book

  • all the material of the IB syllabus covered in just 101 pages
  • all required definitions, diagrams, theories, examples and evaluation
  • all HL paper 3 quantitative requirements through worked examples
  • a glossary, with terms presented by syllabus section and level (core or HL)

The book uses a unique system of colors to facilitate quick review

  • all HL material appears against a light peach background
  • all syllabus terms and concepts are colored blue
  • all diagrams (except externalities) use green lines to show an initial situation and brown lines to show any change
  • externality diagrams use green lines to show the social optimum, red lines to show the socially inefficient outcome, and blue lines to show the policy outcome
  • all evaluation points are marked by
    to denote advantages, positive characteristics and positive consequences,
    to denote disadvantages, negative characteristics and negative consequences,
    to denote important points

Usefulness for teachers

  • As the book covers all topics and terms included in the IB syllabus, teachers can use it to ensure they have not missed any topics or terms that students can be examined on.